Lash Extension Certificate Training

Hi and welcome to the ‘Lash Extension Certificate Training’ by FabYouLash.

My name’s Carla and I have been doing lash extensions since 2011 when a good friend of mine had hers done. It didn’t take long to decide I wanted lash extensions too! It was also a skill I was very interested in and, with my background in make-up, I felt it would be something I could easily do. So I attended a course that was held in the big city of Melbourne and loved the art of lash extensions straight away. This is now my way of life, as …
So many times I’d been asked by clients and friends to put my newfound passion into teaching others and this is how my ‘Lash Extension Certificate Training’ came about. Hopefully, you will get as much enjoyment out of applying lash extensions as I still do.

My aim for this eBook is to cut down the theory part and provide as much useful information you could possibly need. Then when it comes time to do the course on the day, we can spend the majority of the time practicing – this is what’s most important.

Now, read on and discover the beautifully creative technique of how to apply lash extensions.